The Perks of Eating Alone

When travelling alone, it follows that you will eat alone. In America, most people would rather not eat than eat alone. I find it quite nice. You can just sit and fully enjoy the food, not having to speak to anyone, no awkward silences. I have eaten almost every meal alone today and it was awesome. I have also walked everywhere alone today. I walked to the market and bought way too many things. I also walked to the Yoga Barn, only after getting lost for the second time trying to find it. I don’t feel embarrassed to go places alone or uncomfortable in any way. Partially because traveling alone is quite normal here, but also because I really just don’t care what people think. This trip is about me and what I want to do so why should I let others stop me from having the best time. Just like I said before this trip, why would I wait for someone to want to come with me when I could just go now?


I truly believe that everyone should travel alone at some point in his or her life, whether it is a weekend getaway a few hours from home or a year long world tour. Pushing your comfort zone is key, because you never know what you can do until you try. For most of the people I told about this trip, it was completely outside of their line of vision. You just have to go. Not once since I have been in Bali have I heard “You are so bold to travel alone,” because it is the norm.


In the past week I have learned more about the world and myself than I did in most of high school. My heart aches for those who will probably never have the opportunities I have had, whether they are held back by obligations, finances, or themselves. I am so thankful for all the people who made this happen through encouragement, donations, and gifts. I could not have made it without you all. Thank you J



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