REALLY out of shape

The other day I signed up for a sunrise volcano hike. For the hike you have to get up at 2am and then drive an hour to the volcano, and finally make the two-hour trek up the mountain. I honestly did not think it would be that hard because I consider myself an athlete. Nope. I was wrong. I was embarrassingly out of breath and was the shortest one in the group so I struggled to climb up the high rocks. The other people on the trek said to me, “Are you okay, do you want me to carry your bag?” Of course I said no because I’m too proud. I finally made it after forcing the group to stop and extra time and then let the group go on to the highest point so I didn’t have to embarrass myself any further. At 6am the sun rose over the mountains beyond, the lake below, and the ocean in the distance. The view was unbelievable. I have never seen a volcano and I am fascinated with rocks so I ended up putting some rocks in my bag, as though I needed anything else slowing me down.


At the top of the mountain were pockets of steam escaping from the rock. There was also a huge crater right in the middle, I assume from a previous eruption. The best part was the monkeys! There were monkeys there, but they weren’t mean like the ones in the Money Forest in Ubud. One even jumped on my shoulder and I tried to take a picture with it. The monkeys were smart enough to jump on tourist’s packs and steal their water bottles and food. I made sure I kept my stuff safe.


The trek down the mountain was much easier, but very slippery. We got back in the van and headed to a coffee farm. This coffee farm makes Lewak Coffee, which is often known as cat poop coffee. Mongooses eat the coffee beans and then poop them out. The farmers will collect the beans, peel them, roast them for 2 hours, crush them in a stone basin, and then filter them into a fine powder. The powder is put into a cup of hot water and makes something similar to instant coffee. I bought a cup just to say I tried it, however it was very expensive. It was only 50,000 RP, which comes out to about $4, however that amount of money could buy a full meal and a few cocktails in Bali. It was a little anti climactic however I’m glad I tried it. After that we took a peek at the rice fields, which were amazing.


After that experience I have decided that I REALLYYYYY need to get back into shape. It will be hard since I wont have a gym to go to for these next 6 weeks, but I hope there will be a gym in China. I will be taking up my time with hikes, snorkeling, long walks, and other activities other than eating and sitting on the couch. I think I have already lost weight since my pants are fitting a little loser already. That mountain hike was a good kick in the butt to do what I have been meaning to do for a while. Hopefully when I return I will be buff and ready to take on the world 😉

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  1. Such wonderful posts, Yana! The picture is beautiful and I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be in person. Great motivation to get in shape. Just keep throwing yourself into these oportunities. You will be fit as a fiddle ( stupid saying) before you know it!

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