Note to self…

Don’t leave your phone lying around on a sleeper bus, because it will get stolen.


Don’t forget to take your shoes off on a sleeper bus because the bus driver will slap you.


Always pack Oreos for travel days.


Pack pants next time.


Don’t give money to the children begging or selling things, no matter how cute they are.


Always try to talk to the locals, they are some of the coolest people you will meet.


Don’t forget your tissues when you go to the bathroom in SE Asia, otherwise you’ll have to shake it dry.


Don’t stay in nasty hostels. No one has time for that.




Stanger danger is real, but you have to figure out who is a stranger and who is a future friend.


Avoid talking about Trump at all costs.


When British people bring up Trump, talk about Brexit.












Vest=Tank Top




When you don’t know what someone is saying, ask them to say it in American.


It’s okay to be weird because you might only have a few hours to become best friends with new people before you never see each other again.


Always tell other travellers your most personal stories. Makes for a good laugh.


Eat the street food it’s awesome.


Next time plan your trip a little better so you don’t have to spend money on expensive plane tickets.


Don’t be too nice when in the cities, its okay to avoid eye contact and not smile at strangers on the street.


Wearing your backpack on the front is safer than on your back.


Fanny packs are functional and fashionable and the best way to carry your cash.


Bring more wet wipes.


Don’t bring 80000 electronics that you wont use because they’re freaking heavy.


Try to learn at least one word in each country you go to.


Try to learn a phrase from each person you meet from different countries, for example “You have a nice ass.”


Pack shorts that don’t show butt sweat.


Pack Imodium because it would suck to get on an overnight bus with no bathroom when you have diarrhea.


Call your mom or else she’ll add your travel buddy on What’s app.


Don’t bring skin colored underpants because people in the hostel will think you are walking around naked.


For the love of God bring perfume.


Make friends with the Hostel staff because they’ll give you free stuff 😉


Don’t learn to drive a scooter in a major city.


Buy Egg Coffee in Vietnam whenever humanly possible.


Bahn Mi’s are the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and hangover cure.


Don’t snore if you’re going to sleep in a dorm. I know you can’t help it but don’t.


Don’t pay for pub-crawls, just follow the pub-crawl and become homies with the leader.


Please don’t be that person who does too many balloons and starts drooling at the bar.


Most importantly, don’t freak about what everyone else is doing and only worry about your self. Also just don’t worry ‘cause that sucks.

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